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It’s no longer enough to focus on just defending the perimeter. Attackers who get past the first line of defense should be met with additional challenges as they strive to obtain more access. While authorized users should be given the opportunity for increased productivity. We specialize in designing defense in depth solutions for a wide range of applications and use cases. 

Identity and Access Management is considered by many experts to be the new perimeter. As your business relies more on Saas and other cloud services, IAM is an effective way to unify your users identity and access permissions across all of your applications. Built to be vendor agnostic, our IAM implementations will scale as your business grows. As an added benefit IAM implementations pay further dividends during the on-boarding and off-boarding of users.

Zero Trust is the concept of never assume and always verify. At the center of the Zero Trust approach is a strong, authentication and authorization methodology.  As workflows increasingly shift to a perimeter-less infrastructure, identity is the most important constant in establishing security for your business.  

Defense in Depth
Zero Trust

IT Security Policies

IT Security Policies are central to ensuring your company has an information security program that adheres to a set of predefined parameters. In many ways the IT Security Policies act as the blue print for what you are going to do. 
Policies are also required by every regulatory body compliance, so having one is the first step to being compliant with regulations. We can help you create a policy that is catered to your business, taking into account your existing security tools and procedures.


Some of the things that go into our Policy Writing:

  • Research on your company
  • Workflow analysis to customize the policies
  • Written with regulatory requirements in mind
  • Usable as a quick reference
  • End User Security Policies

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